Tuesday, August 09, 2005

As many as have been baptised into Christ....

...have put on Christ, hallelujah!

The Baptism and Chrismation of Juliana Marie Plew
Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord
Saturday the sixth of August

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Five things...or a litany of things...

I miss from childhood.


Long days of endless play...skateboards, bikes, and of course water fights...vacations across the nation...turning brown as a well done marshmallow roasted in the earth's fireball sun...on sidewalks and beaches running around barely clad with tiny shorts from 82'...and oh those bare skipping, flittering feet airborne as often as possible till at last they touched down on cool blades of grass or hose soaked cement...with chin and tummy covered in the sticky nectar of red and orange popsicle drippings...the signature squeal of door hinges circa 56' foreshadowing mom's call and beckon to come sit on the porch for bologna sandwiches and potato chips...the days wane and long slide into sunset and finally the cool enfolding of evening...sausage pizza from gondola...richey cunningham and penny marshall bursting into our home through haze of cathode rays...sleep till morning sun signals the chance to do it all over again...one more time.

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"When you fast..."

Sky has some very worthwhile sayings from fathers, elders, and our savior on fasting. Take 32 seconds and sip some of this nectar.

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