Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pod-Casts of Interest and the 10,000 Hour Rule

In his recent book, Outliers, author Malcom Gladwell posits the idea that one part in the equation of great success is what he refers to as the 10,000 hour rule. Very loosely summarized, spend 10,000 hours at one task and you will own it totally.

A friend pointed this out to me the other day in reference to my avid podcast consumption. In truth, over the course of the last two years I have probably logged more than a 1/10 of the estimated time required for greatness. Yep, as my wife and friend figure it, I'm well on the path to becoming truly great at listening to pod-casts. I'm trying to remain humble at the prospect of my forth-coming greatness.

Henceforth, The Violent Munkee will be used solely as an aggregator accumulating podcast recommendations for Mr. W.

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