Tuesday, November 25, 2003

After prayer tonight my family read this...

So for us many people, who out of great weakness cannot reach the measure of perfection, the Church strives and, grabbing us by the hand (step by step, just as the little children learn to walk), she tries to lead us toward the perfect, which is our theosis. That is the purpose which fasting has, also. It is not a ticket to Paradise, but it helps us obtain the ticket.

Father Epiphanos Theodoropoulos, Counsels for Life

"Grabbing us by the hand (step by step, just as the little children learn to walk)..."

The image of a parent steadying a child, taking them by the hand hits very close to home. Although Basil is a long way from walking, he is able to stand with the assistance of gentle hands directing him. He puts everything he has into simply locking his legs into an upright position. Once he has accomplished this small feat, he stands with arms outstretched and hands in tight fists, as he peers around the room quite proud of this accomplishment. In these sweet moments I want to tell him, "Son, I know exactly what you're feelin' right about now." Now if I can just get my feet kicking fast enough to move down this road. In this Nativity fast, I am so thankful for the Church, grabbing me by the hand. Otherwise I may not even be standing.

Glory to you who has shown us the light!

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Monday, November 24, 2003

The ESOB and Me!

I’m finally “officially” back from vacation. As promised here is my take on the ESOB in Seattle and all Washington.

My first and most lasting impression from the meeting was that it accomplished what the Internet should accomplish. Sociologists and futurologists often note the cold efficiency and resulting personal disconnection that industrialization and technology has brought about in society. However, instead of acting as a buffer zone from real contact and intimacy the Internet actually brought people together in the flesh.

There was no rocket science to the beauty of this time. We worshipped together; we supped together; we embraced one another; we shared life. This is life, stripped of all its fetters and trappings that keep us apart. I am now convinced that the blogosphere can bring about real community, and what a joy it was to experience a taste of this first hand!

From left to right, Chance (In Communion), Aaron (The Munkee), Karl, note the "hairesy"! (St. Stephen’s), James (Paradosis) and Basil (Fly in The Holy Oil).

Tenatively our next meeting will be spring 2004 in the beautiful city of Portland.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Nothing good to say...

But I sure think this dazzling, spinning, shimmering can of Fosters is cool!

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Seasons change, but beatings from St. John do not...

Another Sunday night reading group on the back porch. It seemed like summer would never end! However, last night it was clear; a late fall has arrived. Evidence of this found in the sweater, pants and shoes worn rather than t-shirt, shorts and sandals that previously was the norm. The beer was Gordon Biersch Marzen. The pipe tobacco was old dried zip lock bag blend, given to me by John when I first took up a pipe in trade for cigarettes. The reading was the 22nd step on the Ladder of Divine Ascent, Vainglory.

Like the sun which shines on all alike, vainglory beams on every
occupation. What I mean is this. I fast, and turn vainglorious. I stop
fasting so that I will draw no attention to myself, and I become
vainglorious over my prudence. I dress well or badly, and am vainglorious in
either case. I talk or I hold my peace, and each time I am defeated. No
matter how I shed this prickly thing, a spike remains to stand up against

Lord have mercy!

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