Friday, June 11, 2004


This one's for you babe!

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Roll Call!!!

Some "new" blogs on the block, some have been around a while, some are truly new.

Todd's Vessel with the Pestle A Roman Catholic friend of mine from Anglican days. Good insights worth checking out.

Peter J's Jigsaw's Mental Lama A good friend from St. Barnabas dealing with some heavy stuff at the moment. Good, raw emotion going on over there.

Brett's Inked Man Another friend from Anglican days, not sure exactly who he's involved with now. Tech, Chess, and Life pretty much sums his blog up.

Erica's Random Thoughts of a Redhead Mostly funny, always interesting stuff. Another friend from St. Barnabas.

Toy's "Life with Monkey's" She's off to a slow start, but I have all confidence she has some good stuff in store. She's married to John, and attends St. Barnabas.

Bill's Cracked Mirror I just discovered him today! Definitely a good find.

Oh yeah! Russ and the Jack of Clubs this is another good friend from Anglican days. A conservative who is actually open to serious dialogue and discussion of ideas, not platforms (after a couple pints of course). If you like David's Daily Diversions, be sure to stop in at the J of C's.

Something for everyone. That's our goal here at the Munkee!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Quotable Musing

"I'm a conservative to my liberal friends and a liberal to my conservative friends."

Karl, I know just what you mean. Do you think this is an issue that is generational at its core? I would like to believe it is a Christian thing, as Fr. Schmemman notes (reference to follow), but that is giving myself way too much credit.

Any thoughts from my friends?

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Monday, June 07, 2004

"Christian" T-Shirts

I saw a new one the other day, worn by the 13 year old friend of our neighbor's daughter. The poor girl's T-shirt said...

Jesus is my boyfriend

...and she was not wearing it with any nod to sarcasm. How sad, how bizarre.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Error: The Network Cable May Be Disconnected

Last night was the first Orthodox service I had been to in more than two weeks. Just to fill you in on context, we almost never miss a Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday. So this was a sort of unintended experiment with my soul. This probably couldn’t have occurred at a worse time. The death of my friend Devron and my grandmother; graduations for Sara and my mother; the approaching wedding of Ben and the responsibilities of being his best man; coupled with a highly stressful time at work all added up to a dizzying spin cycle. Perhaps, I may have faired better if my prayers at home consisted of more then 3 or 4 Trisagions a week. Certainly, better I would have been, but not nearly the same.

The “experiment” served to prove my hypothesis correct, without Vespers and liturgy my head was a mess. I experienced what a computer undergoes when the network cable is disconnected. I was dead in the water, drifting and in need of rescue. As I told Chance, “I feel like an alcoholic, a desperate alcoholic who needs to go to every AA meeting they can get to just to feel normal.” Like an alcoholic I have a disease that if left unchecked, untreated, quickly wreaks havoc upon the soul. There’s a great phrase in the film O’ Brother Where Art Thou, referring to some spiritual music as “Salve for the soul”. This is the Liturgy of the Church, salve for the soul. There is so much going on in the liturgy that works to reorient us, and keep us on the path. So much of this one cannot even put a finger on and say, “Well, it is definitely this or that”. No, it is something that runs deep and has saturated the services and for the moment I am content in knowing that what ever it may be, it is there and it is powerful.

Glory to Thee who has shown us the Light!

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Coming Up Roses

Well let me see. Devron and my grandmother reposed within a week of each other. I had written down some rough thoughts and feelings, but have opted not to post them. Rather, I’ll just say in regard to Devron and his beautiful family that I cannot fathom the intense sadness of this hour. In spite of the standard, “he’s in a better place” the fact is he isn’t here with us, where we very much enjoyed his company and his children were quite content with having a father to see them through life. Devron was a beautiful soul who tore through life with a voracious hunger for knowledge and God, both of whom he loved to his last breath. Our walks around the Orange Circle will never be the same. May God grant his soul rest in the presence of His saints.

In regard to my grandmother Louise, she touched us all deeply and her life was long and full. Her life ended with prayers upon her lips. Glory to God for another race finished faithfully. May he receive her, and grant her rest.

Please remember Devron's wife Michele and children Alex and Sophia in your prayers.

Todd has a more formal remembrance than I.

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