Friday, October 22, 2004

The Cross Posting of Comments and my pathetic odes....

Dawn had a short little burst of joy while savouring the sweet pleasure of coffee. I had my own and left it in the form of a comment. She thought I should post it, and since I haven't posted anything this week...

Somebody more talented than i needs to write an ode to the joys and wonders of coffee. If i was an atheist, or a secularist, coffee would be my religion. My gods would be Lintong, Harrar, and Moka Ismali. I would offer my body as their stomping grounds, they would live in me, and i would spend every waking hour (there of course would be many of them) doing their bidding. When the time for sleep finally forced it self upon me, i would dream of roasting, grinding, brewing, and drinking them in. When I woke again, they would be the first thing to touch my lips. Out devotion to them I would spend my days writing books defending their many virtues and benefits to health and long life, decrying the injustice of decaffeination.

Yes, indeed it would be pretty pathetic and scary all at once, but what a life none the less.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

So this is Christmas...a rant

John reminded me with this link that Nativity or forgive me X-mas is quickly approaching, and with that plenty of binging and purging; drunkenness and carousing; and don’t forget buying lots of useless crap or even less thoughtful gift certificates! All this to celebrate nothing! Truly, what exactly are we celebrating? Consumerism, credit card debt, and land fill day? Hurray and Huzzah! Rejoice ye starving children and broken souls in sweat shops and dangerous fire trap factories for we Americans need you to work double time! Surely, you understand for our propped up economy needs our dollars to fund more wars on terror. Listen up ye shruggers and “conservatives”! This is no political statement; this is ethics all the way. Stop defending our throw away culture!

In summary what I am advocating is a fuller, more substantial and ultimately (I hope) more Christian way of celebrating the incarnation of God.

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