Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gardening blurb...

So. Cal gardeners, should follow the ABPC's (Always Be Planting Carrots).

All year, I am constantly planting carrot seeds in the margins, edges, and borders of my garden. And because of this, I always have them at hand.

Carrots grow well all year round in this part of the country, but they become especially sweet and nutritious during our mild winter.

Nothing tastes as amazing as fresh carrots.

Check out this video. The title is lame, but what he says about growing carrots in the colder months is mind blowing.

Hi Aaron!
I hadn't stopped by here in a long time but today made a stop and found you blogging!
I'm profoundly jealous of your garden! I can't grow year round especially since I don't have row covers or greenhouse. But I am installing a cover over one bed next week to get things started early this year. Chard, spinach and bok choy will hit the soil in a week or 2. And, hey, maybe I'll throw some carrot seeds in just to see what happens under cover in February/March.
Love to see all the pictures!
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