Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lambic, Steam, Wit, and Stout, these are a few of my favorite beers...

If you enjoy History and Beer as much as I do, you will truly enjoy this, Three Millennia of Beer Styles in Four Minutes and 32 Seconds

Thanks to Dennis from the Home Brew group on Yahoo.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Feeling Our Way through the Dark

Anyone identify with the title in some way? Sorry if this comes across as cynical, but I happen to feel like this quite often. It dawned on me last night, while reaching and grabbing for coffee table, book shelf, and door frame, stumbling in the direction of my bed and rest. What dawned on me was this, "This is how I've been feeling lately in the realest sense!" I feel as though I am making very slow progress, if any, all in the context of darkness. The real trouble is, in the dark it is difficult to identify markers that demonstrate where one has been, much less what is near at hand.

All of the above is well and fine, but what does it mean? I identify with a feeling or a sense, but I don't know if I am supposed to. I mean in some way I want to give the smart kid Sunday school answer here and be feeling what I am supposed to, because I am somehow at least trying to act and live in a right manner in the Church. I try to identify with the joy that Fr. Schmemman says should be innate to all Christians, and to be honest I sense it to be real. I pray to remain in constant repentance, and trust the sacraments are making it so. So what is this darkness? Is it merely the road ahead, simply a part of the journey? If you haven't caught on to my real question, it is basically am I alone in the dark, or are some of you out there as well? And finally, is this natural and normal, relatively speaking?

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Last Year's News

Having finally seen the film at a late home viewing last night, I must say I was moved. As the credits rolled Sara turned and asked, "Let me guess, a new film for your top ten?" Gazing wild eyed accross the room, setting down my emptied pint glass with determination, "Definitely!"

Anyone actually read the series by O'Brian? I will read nothing till I begin this series.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Maybe We'll Move...Someday

I have a constant desire these days to move somewhere far away. Strangely enough I feel as though part of me already lives there. I want to live there, even if I only know 5 people there. If I knew zero people there, my desire would remain. Sara and I are happy where we are, content to the best I can tell. It is simply that I have lived here too long without seasons. 365 days of burning sunshine is so monotonous, I want an excuse to stay inside and read, or even just a reason to wear out my rain jacket so I don't feel guilty buying a newer model. This far away land is not only beautiful aesthetically, but somehow the people are different, the small businesses are clever and interesting not just dusty shabby mom and pop shops, and every strip mall isn't Togos, Baskin Robbins, Starbucks (they have that too), and a Red Robin.

Unfortunately, the above listed rant is the only reason I can conjure up and submit as an excuse for action. There is simply nothing else, school is here (for now); family is here (on both sides); friends are here; work is here; it is all painfully too reasonable to live here. Although we love our Church community, there is an amazing community where we would like to go. But everything else is here.

Maybe there's something I'm missing, and so I submit these thoughts for your perusal.

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I don't wanna blog!!!!

I am motivated to do three things right now:

1) Hang out with Sara and Basil

2) Brew Beer/Drink Beer (Simultaneously)

3) Read about brewing beer

I'm pretty sure this will pass. Usually when school begins my brain turns back on and I am ready to blog.

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